Tenth Doctor Blue Suit Analysis – Curiosities

And finally, a series of oddities regarding the 10th Doctor’s blue suit which I believe worth mentioning …

On my series (“season”) 4 DVD box set, Tennant appears to be wearing his brown suit.

However, if you look carefully, you’ll see that he was wearing the Kenzo (“Manhattan”) tie, which he only ever wore with his blue suit!

I found this peculiar, but the confusion didn’t end there …

A cursory Google search revealed an alternate version of the season 4 DVD set cover, in which Tennant was wearing his blue suit!

Identical poses from both actors, but now with a necktie that made much more sense – implying that the blue suit was colored brown after-the-fact for this artwork!

It could be because The Powers That Be simply wanted him pictured in the more iconic of the two suits, or it could have been because somebody wanted his costume to stand out more from the blue background … who knows?

As composer Murray Gold said in the season 1-2 soundtrack liner notes, “Producers move in mysterious ways.”

An additional piece of promotional artwork with the same actors/poses is this season 4 publicity photo:

10th Doctor blue suit curiosities
Season 4 publicity photo

And just look at how different the blue suit looks in both images artwork … that’s some serious color-editing going on there! (But what else is new?)

Similar fudgery (with an entirely different photo!) can be seen on the season 4 Blu-ray artwork:

10th Doctor blue suit curiosities
3x13 "The Last of the Time Lords"

Yet another example of the “blue to brown” digital conversion can be seen on these two season 3 publicity photos:

10th Doctor blue suit curiosities
Season 3 publicity photo
10th Doctor blue suit curiosities
Season 3 publicity photo

Observe the identical poses and facial expressions, as well as the red tie. (Captain Jack was almost certainly digitally added afterward.)

For some reason, The Powers That Be digitally altered Martha’s hair, as well – perhaps to make the recycled image elements less obvious?

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