Eleventh Doctor “Snowmen” Costume Analysis

Preliminary Notes

Welcome to the OCD costume analysis of the 11th Doctor’s “Snowmen” costume!

I primarily researched and analyzed this costume for the Tailors Gone Wild 11th Doctor β€œSnowmen” costume sewing patterns, which, as you’ll see, I drafted to be as faithful to the original costume as possible.Β 

However, I’m happy to share my research and findings with you, in the form of this free analysis.Β 


I want to thank costume designer Howard Burden for designing such a wonderful costume for Matt Smith to wear toward the end of his run playing the 11th Doctor.

I’d like to thank Daniel Pawlik (who’s also spent considerable time researching this costume) for his input. I love this costume, but it’s quite possible that he loves it even more.

I’d also like to thank Thomas Dunn for sharing his photos of the “Snowmen” costume formerly on display at the Doctor Who Experience.

And finally, I want to especially thank my Ko-Fi supporters for helping me be able to produce sewing/costuming resources like this analysis, and share them online.

If you enjoy this costume analysis, please support my costume research on Ko-Fi. πŸ™‚

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