Eleventh Doctor “Anniversary” Waistcoat Analysis – Conclusion

While the 11th Doctor’s “anniversary” waistcoat had the least screen-time of his three waistcoats, it had the singular honor of being worn in Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special, Eleven’s regeneration scene, and was the only one of his waistcoats to be worn by two different actors/Doctors.

It also had the distinction of being the only one of his three waistcoats to be made with plaid fabric.

The waistcoat’s cut and style were generally Victorian (or at least theatrical), and it shared many characteristics with his other two (“scales” and velvet) waistcoats, while still being a unique, special garment in and of itself.

Like his velvet waistcoat, the “anniversary” waistcoat had a high front opening, lapels, a “faux-collar” that was sewn into the shoulder seam, and six buttons.

Like his “scales” waistcoat, the “anniversary” waistcoat had a “double-peak” at the lower front which “dipped” downward from the side seams.

The back structure of the “anniversary” waistcoat appeared to be similar (perhaps even identical) to the backs of the aforementioned two waistcoats, although the back of the waistcoat was made with the same (plaid) fabric as the front.

The waistcoat had four pockets (two upper and two lower), and he wore a fob chain with the waistcoat.

This waistcoat wasn’t around for very long, but it certainly made an impression and was a wonderful addition to our beloved Doctor’s wardrobe!

If you’re interested in making a replica waistcoat, I accounted for all the relevant construction details in my Tailors Gone Wild 11th Doctor “anniversary” waistcoat sewing pattern, and my 11th Doctor “anniversary” waistcoat sewing tutorial is thorough enough for you to construct a fantastic replica of your own. 🙂

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