Eleventh Doctor “Snowmen” Trousers Sewing Tutorial – Pattern Notes


Here’s the sizing chart for the Tailors Gone Wild 11th Doctor “Snowmen” trousers sewing pattern.

(Note that these are suit sizes, not pants sizes!)

11th Doctor Snowmen trousers pattern sizing chart

NOTE: The above chart indicates the wearer’s measurements, not the finished garment measurements. My Tailors Gone Wild “Snowmen” trousers pattern includes 1 ½” of wearing ease around the waist.

On the printed pattern, the sizes above correspond to the following cutting lines:

Doctor Who sewing pattern sizing - men

If you’d like some help interpreting all the pattern information and learn some different methods for cutting out your fabric, you may find this free sewing lesson helpful. 🙂


A – Front

B – Back

C – Right fly

D – Front waistband facing

E – Back waistband facing

F – Side pocket bag

G – Side pocket facing

H – Back pocket welt

I – Back pocket bag

J – Back pocket facing

K – Back strap

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