Eleventh Doctor “Snowmen” Costume Analysis – Variants

I came across three interesting “Snowmen” costume variants over the course of my research.

"Doctor Sherlock"

The first, I call the “Doctor Sherlock” variant; even though it came and went rather quickly in the actual special, apparently somebody deemed it important enough to somebody to merit at least two publicity photos!

11th Doctor "Snowmen" costume analysis
7x6 "The Snowmen" (publicity photos)

For this particular variant, Eleven appears to have simply swapped out his “Snowmen” frock coat and donned an appropriately-styled hat for a more traditional Sherlock Holmes look.

The remainder of the costume ensemble (shirt, tie, waistcoat, trousers) appears to be the same.

Flipped Shot

The second variant (which I also mentioned in my velvet waistcoat analysis) appears to be the result of a shot flipped during post-production.

Observe how the waistcoat buttons in the reverse direction:

11th Doctor "Snowmen" costume analysis - frock coat
8x02 "The Time of the Doctor"


And third, there’s this peculiar “variant” from a behind-the-scenes interview with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, during which Smith appears to be both in make-up and costume for the middle portion of “The Time of the Doctor” … except for his boots!

Instead, he was sporting a pair of blue, white, and red sneakers!

11th Doctor "Snowmen" costume analysis
8x02 "The Time of the Doctor" Blu-Ray special feature, "Behind the Lens"
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