Eleventh Doctor “Snowmen” Trousers Sewing Tutorial – Required Materials


  • Brown/black check = 2 yards of 60” fabric or 3 yards of 44” fabric

The original trousers were allegedly made with a cashmere fabric no longer available, so I suggest using whatever brown/black check fabric you like.

I recommend using a woven check fabric instead of a printed one (see right), but the choice is yours.

11th Doctor Snowmen trousers sewing tutorial - Doctor Who Costume Guide

For my personal trousers (demonstrated in this tutorial), I used a cotton homespun fabric from Hobby Lobby:

However, the color wasn’t quite dark enough, so I overdyed it using the fiber-reactive “Brazilnut” from Dharma Trading Company.

The final result lacks the subtle maroon undertones woven into the original, but in context of the entire costume, I believe it puts out the right vibe.

Special thanks to Daniel Pawlik for the reference swatch!

If you’re interested in learning to dye fabric, I am tentatively planning to produce a Tailors Gone Wild fabric-dyeing course, which will be specifically for aspiring costumers and cosplayers.

I suggest subscribing to my “Sewing Wizard Newsletter” for updates. 🙂

  • Lightweight contrast fabric = 1 yard

This is for the fly and internal waistband facings. I used a dark brown lightweight cotton fabric.

  • Fusible interfacing = 1 yard

I like to use Pellon “Shape-flex” (SF101), because it’s 100% cotton, inexpensive, and easy to find.

  • Pocketing = 1 yard

Either of the options below should work well:

Black & Sons T41 “Silesia Cotton Pocketing”

Pocketing fabric - Doctor Who Costume Guide

Black & Sons T401 “Deluxe Polyester/Cotton Pocketing”

Pocketing fabric - Doctor Who Costume Guide

Alternatively, a lightweight cotton fabric such as muslin or quilting cotton will work fine.


  • 1 spool of black thread

  • 1 spool of contrast thread (optional)
11th Doctor Snowmen trousers sewing tutorial - Doctor Who Costume Guide
  • ½” nylon stay tape

Cotton twill stay tape is more common and will work fine, but in this case I prefer to use the nylon stay tape because the bulk it adds is negligible.

  • Six ¾” buttons
  • Six suspender buttons
  • 2 yards of 1 ½” Ban Roll

This is to help provide structure for the trousers waistband.

  • ¼” double-fold bias binding (optional)

Simply serging the edges of your trousers’ waistband facing is faster and more convenient, but I chose to bind these edges with contrasting bias tape, to give the trousers a little more pizazz.

  • Serger

I use and recommend the Brother Designio Series DZ1234 serger.

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