Eleventh Doctor “Snowmen” Costume Analysis

Eleven’s “Snowmen” costume is a one of my all-time favorites, of this or any other show.

Although it was a radical departure from Eleven’s previously-established “looks,” in my opinion costume designer Howard Burden did a superb job with this particular ensemble.

11th Doctor costume analysis - Doctor Who Costume Guide

In this costume analysis, we take a detailed look at the hat, shirt, ties, trousers, and frock coat.

(The waistcoat was previously covered in my velvet waistcoat analysis.)

Have you ever taken a close look at the texture of that lovely shirt fabric? Did you know that the Doctor wore two different ties with this costume, and that he actually wore his bow tie two different ways? Or that his trousers’ cuffs changed size over time?

This updated analysis is also available as a free PDF download.

Updated January 2023

I hope you enjoy the read!

11th Doctor reading GIF

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